April 20, 2024

Intimate Nashville Wedding | Cameron & Maddy

The bride and groom kissing at their untraditional wedding reception featuring the Together Journal logo.

Intimate Untraditional Nashville Wedding

Maddy and Cameron’s wedding—a celebration of elegance while embracing intimacy and authenticity. As a photographer, my style is rooted in documentary, sentimental, and editorial approaches, all aimed at preserving moments and memories in a meaningful and artful way. You can find Maddy and Cameron’s iconic day published in Together Journal.

From the very beginning, Maddy and Cameron knew they wanted something different. Their vision was clear: an intimate ceremony with a bigger reception highlighting their love for color, food, and their nearest and dearest. They sought to create intentional moments focused on what mattered most to them, and their wedding day was a reflection of that commitment.

The ceremony, held in the tranquil courtyard of a boutique hotel, the same neighborhood where their journey together began. Their ceremony was about preserving the couple’s connection and the love that surrounded them.

The festivities continued at their favorite cocktail bar just a few blocks away. The reception was filled with an art driven atmosphere, the fashion, and good conversations shared among the couple’s friends. Their reception was a relaxed gathering among friends, with a raw bar and small plates to ensure their reception felt like a gathering of old friends.

The Intimate Ceremony

Maddy and Cameron selected The Germantown Inn for their ceremony located in Nashville’s historic Germantown neighborhood, the first neighborhood they lived together in. The Inn also exhibits the beauty of design and art aligning with the couple’s love for fashion, art, and graphic design. The Germantown Inn offers a blend of modern comfort, design and historic charm. This boutique hotel provides an intimate setting for couples looking to celebrate their wedding day.

The Germantown Inn features well-appointed rooms and suites with unique character and elegant furnishings. From exposed brick walls to stylish décor, each space reflects Germantown’s rich history. Maddy and Cameron chose to stay with their immediate family the night before and the night after for ease and for getting ready to be a family setting. The Inn highlighted how Maddy and Cameron wanted their day to be full of the people they loved and cherished most.

The courtyard at The Germantown Inn serves as an outdoor spot for wedding ceremonies. It’s surrounded by greenery and has a nice, cozy vibe. Maddy and Cameron curated their ceremony around florals. They wanted the use of flowers to feel “structured yet organic, living pieces of art.” – stated Maddy and Cameron. The couple’s attention to detail and color was tied into their outfits. Cameron wore a vibrant orange suite from Richard James that tied into color of the florals. Maddy wore a designer dress by Sarah Seven. The dress has dotted details on the back and envisioned a bubble braid to add an extra design element to her overall outfit.

After the couple said I do they have a private champagne toast to immediately celebrate. While the courtyard had their immediate family mingling. The courtyard was perfect for family photos and for their family to enjoy time together.

The Untraditional Reception

Le Loup is a stylish event space located in Germantown in Nashville, Tennessee. It offers a sophisticated setting for wedding receptions and other special occasions. This elegant venue features modern chic décor and ample space for hosting intimate gatherings.

Maddy and Cameron chose Le Loup for their reception to continue to highlight the significant Germantown has had on their relationship. Le Loup is also a familiar place they often go with their family and friends. The reception is where Maddy and Cameron invited all of their friends to come and join in on the celebration. They encouraged their friends to wear clothes that inspired them. The reception highlighted the importance of their relationship with their friends, food, eye for design and detail, fashion, color, and handcrafted drinks. Maddy is an illustrator and designed the signage for her day. She was sure to include their love for the cat Chilito on the match covers.

Maddy and Cameron wanted an informal gathering and meal. They chose for a raw bar and small plates to ensure the meal felt warm, inviting, casual and like a gathering of old friends. The evening continued with Maddy and Camerons favorite music. Maddy and Cameron continued by untraditionally using banana fosters as their “cake” which is accustom to Le Loup. The banana fosters were made right in-front of the couple and their guests to provide a unique experience. Once the dance floor opened, that’s when the true celebration started. The dance floor included the couple celebrating among the family and best friends for an evening of making memories.


Maddy and Cam’s wedding embodied untraditional elements, intimacy, and authenticity. From the ceremony in the hotel courtyard to the reception at their favorite cocktail bar, every moment was thoughtfully curated to reflect their unique style and love.

As a photographer, I had the honor of capturing these moments, preserving them for years to come. Through a blend of documentary, sentimental, and editorial approaches, I aimed to capture the genuine emotions and connections shared on their wedding day while keeping it artful. These photographs serve as a reminder of the love and joy shared between the bride and groom, family, and friends.

FAQ about Intimate Weddings

1. What makes a wedding intimate?

  • An intimate wedding usually has a smaller guest list, around 20 to 50 people. It’s focused on close family and friends for a more personal experience.

2. How do I decide who to invite to an intimate wedding?

  • For an intimate wedding, prioritize immediate family, close relatives, and lifelong friends when making your guest list. Keeping it small allows for meaningful interactions with each guest.

3. What are the advantages of having an intimate wedding?

  • Intimate weddings offer a relaxed atmosphere, more attention to the couple and guests, and the chance to create personalized experiences.

4. How do I pick a venue for an intimate wedding?

  • Look for venues that offer a intimate setting and can accommodate your guest count. Consider boutique hotels, historic estates, or upscale restaurants that allow for customization to fit your style.

5. What are some unique entertainment ideas for an intimate wedding?

  • Consider live music, interactive activities like wine tastings, or hiring a photo booth or caricature artist for fun and memorable experiences with your guests.

Ceremony: The Germantown Inn \\ Reception: Le Loup \\ Florals: New Mood Florals \\ Dress: Sarah Seven \\ Suit: Richard James \\ Grooms Shoes: Johnston Murphy \\ Hair/makeup: Indigo Beauty Collective \\ Brides Shoes: Kate Spade New York \\ Rings: Wwake & Catbird NYC \\ Invitations & Match: Maddy Hall Coupé

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